Mund – Birgisch

Mund Saffron

Mund Saffron


Mund and its idyllic corners, as well as the picturesque Weiler, live up to their promise – rustic architecture, dreamy, quiet – simply worth seeing. The Saffron village is at an altitude of 1200 m a.s.l., facing the seemingly leased sun. You can reach it on a good road from Brig.

Mund and the Queen of Plants can be enjoyedin mid October underneath the village. The “red gold” refines the saffron risotto, that is served in restaurants.

Mund and living traditions characterize the village life – e.g. on Corpus Christi and Segensonntag (the Sunday following Corpus Christi) in June. Several village associations turn the procession through the village centre on these days into a beautiful experience through decorations and music. The Gsteitäscht festival, the herding of Animals up on the alpine pastures, as well as the Blacknose sheep and Blackneck goat shows, are also unique events.

Mund and the wild Gredetsch Valley in the middle of the UNESCO-World Heritage Site, with the 1200 metre long Gredetsch irrigation tunnel, and the old, unique and well accessible water courses are a rewarding trip. Breathe fresh, aromatic air, listen to the sounds of streams, just unwind and relax. A valley quite out of this world.

Mund and the unique beauty of the Alps cast their spell on visitors every time. Enjoy the impressive view on the surrounding, world-renowned peaks of Valais, feel the whisper of the wind on your skin, experience freedom.

Mund and the Valais breeds of farm animals characterize the cultivated landscape. The love for animals is a testimony to the rural heritage. Feel the wool of Blacknose sheep, or the scent of Blackneck goats, or pat a Herens cow – quite an experience.


The sun terrace above Brig

Birgisch is located on an elongated terrace above the right bank of the Rhone river. A characteristic feature of the village is the scattering of buildings. The village consists of numerous hamlets, which are spread across the whole elevated plain. They form picturesque patches of valuable structures.
An ideal place for family holidays amidst nature, for snowshoe tours in the winter, or day tours in the Alps.

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